• How much cash have you saved up in the last year
  • How much money you have in the account in the last year
  • This can include income from property, businesses and anything else that you may have
  • How much your shares are worth if you were to sell them
  • This can include anything prepared for sale that you may have (i.e Car, boat, houses etc)
  • Total loan amount that you may have given to someone that is yet to be paid back to you
  • This can include Agricultural produce, animals, poultry and farming

Current price of gold per gram (24K): 68.28 AUD
Current price of silver per gram (Fine): 0.889 AUD
Last updated at 16:33 13-08-2022
Silver Nisab: 529.27 AUD
Gold Nisab: 5,807.21 AUD