about my best ramadan

Ramadan Campaign

With every year that we are blessed with the presence of Ramadan, we always ask ourselves:

What will I do with my time this month? How will I improve myself this Ramadan? How can I strive to be better? How can I have My Best Ramadan this year? 

It is a question the team at Al-Ihsan Foundation have been asking themselves and working on, and as Ramadan 2022 fast approaches, it is a question the Ummah will be facing soon.

So how can you have your best Ramadan this year? This can be achieved through:

Charity. Generosity. Spirituality. 

The team at Al-Ihsan Foundation is on the ground in countries such as Lebanon, Ethiopia, Niger, Indonesia, Turkey. We have developed a range of campaigns including Ramadan Food Packs, Zakat al-Fitr and Zakat Maal, Eid Clothes as well as our ongoing Al-Ihsan Foundation Projects which seeks to uplift the Ummah and support the poor and the needy during and beyond Ramadan.

It comes after by the will of Allah, we successfully ran the “1 Million Meals” campaign last Ramadan delivering a million meals through food packs and prepared meals.


It is through our generosity and charity, through giving of oneself for the sake of Allah, that we continue our journey to Allah.

Al-Ihsan foundation provides you with the projects and avenues to allow you the opportunity to have your Best Ramadan.

May Allah accept your fast and your efforts.

For more information about our project visit http://alihsan.org.au